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Didn’t get the answer we were looking for today; some mixup in communication in the discharge. She will be in there for a minimum of 5 days yet. She had a fever over the weekend, and the “specific” platelets didn’t do what they were intended to do. White blood cells are too low, so she will be receiving a new drug for the next 5 days, and then back to chemo; not sure if that will be in Milw. or up here? She is getting a drug “Lasix” which is helping with the swelling, but not much else.


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We are not 100% on this yet, but Julie may be discharged from Froederdt on Mon (tomorrow) and back up here to Menasha? Kind of hard to get a firm answer on this over the weekend, but this is what Julie was told; so we will wait and see. I will keep you posted.

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Julie is still in Froedert; they have ruled out the Amyloidosis which is good; they have another test out there now to try to find out if the platelets she needs so often are being rejected in some fashion, which means they will need to find a platelet donor who matches her; normally this isn’t the case I guess; depending on what the results of that test are, they have other options to shrink the spleen,i.e. steroids, but they aren’t sure where to take this just yet.

So she is going to be in for a while longer till they can figure out what the next step is; we will all be gong in to see her tomorrow.

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Spent the weekend down there with Julie; not much to report. kidney function is better, going in the right direction; she had a biopsy of the fat cells to determine if she has “amyloidosis” which is related to Myeloma in some cases. Her treatment would change if these come back positive; we’ll have to wait for the results. Girls got down to see Julie on Sun; Froedert gave us a room and we watched the game; very nice of them to arrange that.

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Change in plans; Julie will not be coming home till next week; they are concerned about something called Amyloidosis.


This link describes it as a kidney disease, etc., but as i understand, it would be symptomatic of the myeloma or chem or both – see primary; so till they get that straightened out. she will stay put. I think it’s the enlarged spleen that has them a little confused more than the kidneys; we are heading down to west Bend tonight to home base out of there and hang out so the girls can get in to see her. Have to head up to Eagle River today; call me if you want to talk – you have my cell if you have it. I think barb and Jody will be going in to see her today; Mom and Dad Dricken were in with her yesterday. She’s holding up, but it’s a tough road ahead. Need to stay the course.¬†Chloe got her ears pierced last night! She’s a pretty proud little lady today to show off!

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Saw Julie again today; chemo all day and should be ending tomorrow now; at least with the heavy doses of the three new ones; then she will get the Velcade again Fri. Kidneys are getting better on their own; not sure why they reacted the way they did; most likely gummed up with all the bad stuff chemo is flushing out? They were ok when she went into Hospital up here in Neenah? Spleen is still overly enlarged, 2x it’s typical size, full of bad plasma cells, which is causing her lot’s of discomfort; will need to come out probably at some point; but, not now due to low platelets (bleeding) and of course the chemo (infection risk, etc.). Still all in all, if Kidneys continue to do better, she’ll be out of there in a few days.

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Stopped in today; she had CT’s and we are waiting to hear from Docs; she’s getting three very aggressive chemo treatments pretty much round the clock till the 19th; it will be a rough week moving forward; this accounts mainly for the reasons she is in the hospital and not outpatient. I will be stopping in tomorrow am.

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