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12/24_Long Days

Julie is getting through the first week of maintenance chemo, but it’s still hitting her pretty hard. Nauseated from the the Revlimid or the Dexamethesone?? Not sure. Going in for round 2 tomorrow am. Sleeping a lot.


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2/16_Next Steps

Met with Dr. Saad today, and from his point of view, Julie is doing very, very well right now; the intensive chemo she’s had did it’s job. After initial diagnosis, Julie’s Myeloma had pretty much eaten up her bone marrow and she was 98% bad plasma; at this point she is showing only a 3.4%, so this is very good. The only issue at this moment is a little fluid around the heart, which they are puzzled by; it appears not to be causing any issues, and although they want to do an echo in a month, they don’t view it as a big problem right now; she’s a little anemic right now, which is making her feel run down, but other than that – no other complications at the moment – kidneys. spleen all check out; she will get some blood tomorrow and this will help.┬áSo the big question we had today was, what’s next? She will continue to get the Velcade IV Chemo 2x a week and two forms of chemo by pill (Doxorubicin (I think) and Remvalid) here in the Valley; this will be much less intense than what she received in hospital; we will continue this for 6-8 weeks. We see Dr. Saad again in about two months and then we have two options: 1.) They harvest the stem cells and we wait, following the same program of chemo until at some point Julie decides to move ahead with the transplant, or… 2.) They admit her, harvest the stem cells and move ahead with the transplant. We have two months to think about it, but if I had my preference, option 2 is the only method; we have approval for 1 year, and I don’t see waiting as a viable option… ultimately it’s up to Julie. She feels pretty down right now, and who wouldn’t? It seems like a long hard road ahead, and it is. Things will come around, I am sure of it. This, in my mind is the best possible outcome, after the way we started the process. I want to again thank everyone for all the help, support, prayers and kindness; it’s been overwhelming. We’ll keep you updated!

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1/14_Approved for Stem Cell

We received our notice this weekend that Julie was approved for the stem cell transplant; we meet with Dr. Saad Tues. to find out what’s next. We find out then if they are going to harvest the stem cells and schedule the transplant, or do one more final round of chemo beforehand. We’ll let you know Tues. evening what the next steps are. Bottom line is, we’re moving forward. Julie is doing as well as can be expected and anxious to get this over with. Happy Valentines Day!

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We went in today for Julie’s bone marrow biopsy. They took it from her pelvis, and it went ok; she’s sore and tired; resting now. She also had an echo-cardiogram of the heart, and all is well there. So now we wait till next week Tues., the 16th. We will meet with Doctor Saad to discuss next steps: last round of chemo or they collect the stem cells and we prepare for the transplant.

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