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4/27_Next Steps

We met with Dr. Saad today. The fluid in Julie’s heart was considered non-remarkable, and not related to the myeloma. so the decision has been made to move forward with stem cell. This Friday, Julie will go in for an intensive round of Chemo (Cytoxan) at Froederdt for roughly 10-12 hours, then followed up by shots of Nupigen to stimulate her bone marrow. this is in preparation for the stem cell collection, which is roughly for 5/10-13… uh-huh, that’s her birthday; this is like a dialysis procedure in which they process her blood to try to collect as many stem cells as possible. Then there’s a bone marrow biopsy on 5/19; a conference with Doc Saad on 5/27. 6/3 is the tentative date for transplant admittance. ┬áThere’s a long way to go yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!


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Haven’t posted in awhile. Julie had some surgery today to take a look at the fluid on the heart. Turned out that they wanted a sample of the fluid and tissue before they proceed with the stem cell transplant to see if bacterial/fungal etc. or the myeloma. We had to go in @ 5am today, and she was in recovery by 9, but it was pretty rough on her; they had to go in under the chest wall, etc.; not just a “needle” procedure; she’s at Froederdt now, and probably will be through Thurs. Talked with Doc after, and they didn’t find anything significant, but they still have to test it out; we see Dr. Saad on Thurs.to see what the plan is moving forward; not sure if he will have tests back at that point, but I’ll post again when I know for sure. Julie is doing ok, a lot of pain and discomfort, but they are taking care of her.

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