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Julie’s been back home from stint #2 in the hospital since last Tues. The GVH (graft vs. host) is under control, and from here on in, it’s just recovery from the SCT. She will be seeing Dr. Saad weekly for the blood panels, treatments etc.; ¬†things are looking good right now in terms of her numbers; nothing else to report for awhile till we here till things develop in terms of gauging remission. Thanks to the Aunts and Uncles Jody, Mike and Julie and Carl for taking Chloe the last few weeks; and the Grandparents as well! So grateful for all the help!


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SCT Update_7/12

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post; information has been a little sketchy, but here’s the latest. Julie was discharged on 6/24, but is now back at Froedert; she has been there since 7/8. She has something called Engraftment Syndrome (or autologous graft vs. host disease); this was the cause for all the problems with her bowels. The stem cells that were reintroduced are causing the issues, and they are not behaving – even though they are her own cells. She is on a liquid diet, and is being treated with steroids till the problem goes away; Dr. Saad tells me the problem is not chronic, but it needs to be treated. Pretty miserable experience at the moment, but as far as I know they can treat this and move on.

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