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1/26 – Back Home

Julie was discharged late yesterday, and we are back home today. We go back in on 2/8 for the bone marrow biopsy, then follow up with Doc Saad on 2/16; at that point they will determine if they do round 4 of chemo or move ahead with the stem cell harvest. So, not much to report till then, but we will keep you posted.


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We went to our scheduled appointment today at Froedtert with Dr. Saad. I wasn’t sure if they would admit her and go ahead with the Chemo, due to the concern about the bacterial thing in the lines, but they did, and she is resting now. I am relieved she is in their capable hands down there right now; there was a bit of confusion ┬áin shuffling her around the health care system up here in the Valley to get tests, etc.; they have some communication issues in their facilities up here, and I’ll just leave it at that. Not the case at Froedtert! They got right on it; they are going to give her a few more doses of the vancomyacin, do a few tests if her gut for bacteria; CT (for bones – she’s had some back pain), then most likely proceed with the 3rd round of chemo. Her blood tests were all good; kidney function good; spleen swelling almost gone, so things are progressing; chemo is doing what it’s supposed to do. After that, we will go back for a bone marrow biopsy, to make sure they can collect the stem cells. Then, they harvest the stem cells. After a period of time (hopefully not too long) they admit her and start with a very aggressive round of Chemo, (much more agressive than she’s had to date) for about a week to completely killing off all the cancer cells, which leaves you extremely vulnerable to infection. Then while still in hospital, she has the stem cell transplant, and would need to stay there for roughly 3 more weeks, in near isolation, till her body recovers. That would be the last step of the process from what I understand to get to a state of remission; I’ve read a few accounts and have gotten emails from people all over the country who have went through this and they have made it, and are doing well. She may have more maintenance chemo after that, but that seems like a long way off right now. Good news is we’re moving forward, and I’ll take that any day! Thanks again to everyone for the support, prayers and good vibes – appears to be working!

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Haven’t posted in awhile, which means nothing is going on; she’s been off a lot of meds and blood test for last few weeks are good; so just an update. We had to go in yesterday after a blood culture showed posi in one of Julies lines; so after all the fooling around trying to save it, they finally pulled it out, which I was glad of; so now she has one back in the wrist instead of the chest, which seems a little easier; there’s been a problem with that line for a long time. So she’s back on the vencomyacin (anti-bac), and we go back in tonight for another does. Then Tues., on the 19th, we’re back at Froedert for our meeting with Doc Saad; the plan is to admit her for round 3 of chemo, so hopefully we can get that one out of the way, and move forward. She’s very tired, and quality of life is pretty low, as expected; just trying to get through this as quickly as possible and get on with the stem cell transplant. Everything I’ve read and heard from others points to a pretty good outcome with this; just a matter of riding it out.

So anyway, Go Cowboys (never thought I’d say that).

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